Best Retro Tiki Bar Shirts

by Rusty Stanberry on November 22, 2018

My friend Bryan at has created a great way to revisit the best tiki bars in history. Although you won't really go there in person, you will be transported by the art made famous by the first group of Polynesian inspired pioneers. 

Bryan Azorsky, like myself, is passionate about custom apparel, the artistry of cocktail creation and going on vacation to a tropical location to relax. We were both inspired by visits to Maul and the amazing vibes. 

Once he got home they finally opened a tiki bar in Kansas City, Tiki Cat and you may have already guessed he is a regular. Bryan got interested in the tiki bar scene and wondered what other bars were out there. 

This brought him to discover all the great bars that have closed. He is recreating the logos as t-shirts for you to be able to show your friends what the best designs were. Polynesian

He has stated creating T-Shirts printed locally in KC and has gone to extensive lengths to make them the best value for a top quality T-Shirts.

One of my favorite designs is from The Polynesia, a triple-peaked longhouse at the end of Pier 51 in Seattle Washington and features a ceremonial Marquesas shield design that was used for their menu cover.

The T-Shirt club is like the jelly of the month club. Instead of getting a yummy spread you are getting the coolest shirt around. Check out his site and sign up today,