False Idol Tiki Bar - San Diego

by Rusty Stanberry on November 26, 2018

Tucked away in the back of a bustling bar front in the northeast corner of San Diego is a great Tiki Bar.

The False Idol which only has a Reservations link on their website, is a beautifully adorned modern TikiBar with all the feels of a 60's Polynesian Paradise.

I reached out to their Instagram @falseidoltiki through DM and Peggy gave me all the deets about the place.

False Idol Tiki Bar

After you meet the hostess, and she finds your reservation, you will be whisked back into a hidden gem.

Passing through a string of coconut beaded curtains you start to see lights with carvings on the walls and people imbibing up ahead.

A waterfall to your right catches your attention as does the massive bar to the left.

Wonderful handmade lights on the high ceilings give you a feeling of home.

False Idol Tiki Bar

Everyone is wearing bright lively Hawaiian apparel and holding drinks with lots of Fruit and Rum in them.

False Idol has a great staff and amazing drinks menu; they even have a twist on a Seasonal menu with amazing names. The "Partridge in a Palm Tree" and the "Your Embarrassing Uncle" (that drinks too much at holiday family functions) are just a few.

False Idol Tiki Bar

T-Shirts and Mugs are also available and a must-have, along with great swizzle sticks and stickers.

A must see.