Reusable Drinking Stainless Steel Straws with Cleaner Brush / Silicone Covers

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Reusable Drinking Stainless Steel Straw, because oceans.

Material: Stainless Steel
Model: Drinking Straws
Style: Bent (like me in the mornings)
Item Type: Straws

A: 1 Bent Straw + 1 Straight Straw + 1 Cleaner Brush
B: 4 Bent Straws + 1 Cleaner Brush
C: 6 Bent Straws + 2 Cleaner Brushes
D: 8 Bent Straws + 3 Cleaner Brushes
E,F,G,H,I,J:2Pcs Straws + 2 Cleaner Brushes
K:8Pcs Drinking Straw Silicone Cover (random color)
L:4Pcs silicone cover